Thursday, 2 September 2010

A tough one

This was never going to be easy.

Having finally got confirmation of the new job and handing in my notice, there was now the task of telling Mum and Dad.

So, I had already arranged to visit them last night and we all decided to go out for a meal. The evening was fraught with various mini nightmares (not worth going into detail, but certainly didn't help the situation - Lee is probably chuckling to himself right now !) and, by the time we got to the restaurant, I had almost given up on finding a suitable moment to give them the news.

Conversation was a little dry at one point so I decided to take the plunge. I'd already sorted out an application form for a disabled persons railcard for them (with the thought that they will definitely be needing one to travel to London). I handed the forms over to Mum and just said "You'd better fill this in because you're going to be using it quite regularly soon". The penny dropped at that point and the next hour or so was taken up with discussing all the details. I put a very positive spin on everything (regular visits, a bit of a break, opportunity to see lots of shows and stuff) but the whole thing was a shock for them, understandably.

I'm hoping that this move will be a good incentive for them to get about more and to do more things in general. I also see it as a means for me to have more regular contact with them as there's always a risk of becoming a bit complacent when people are just around the corner.

This move is going to mean that more effort is put into regular contact and I think it will work out very well, not just with seeing family but also staying in touch with friends more (this blog being one of the first steps).

The end of the evening was a little downbeat, unfortunately, and they were both very deep in thought. It really got me down and very worried about leaving them....

However, today was a different story. I had a call at work from Mum. She's already filled out the form and found the necessary documentary proof for the card. I've just got to pick it up from them and sort it out now. Mum also said that she wished she could come flat hunting with us so she could have a good old nose around other people's homes (I've told her that I'll take plenty of photo's).

All in all a much more positive reaction and I was very relieved after the call as it has been preying on my mind somewhat all day.

Phew !

So tonight is now taken up with sorting out and packing clothes for a week in London with my better half. Lot's of exciting things going on - theatre and exhibitions, flat hunting and general snooping around at the areas that we could potentially be calling home very soon.

More updates as and when there is news. Watch this space.

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